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Terms of Sale

The product(s) are warranted as new and fit for purpose in application of mixed-media and soil combinations.

The product will retain water and secure soil from run-off and or blow-off with appropriate installation.

The products are compliant with EEA and UK laws.

The key powder products are all food- grade polymer.

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The company is not responsible for any installation of products that is not applied using the supplied Installation 'Dosing' Guide.

The company is not responsible for any accidental use of the product once in the buyers possession.

The company warrants the use of the product in compliance with the safety protocols identified in the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as supplied with the product and viewable upon request.

COV-ID 19 
We will continue to ship products from our warehouse, however the office's are now officially closed and we request no visitors to the Farm unless pre-arranged and urgent requirements.
All workers will have supplied Face and Hand PPE.
Sterilisation hand station.
Daily Surface cleaning
Product packaging cleaning, where applicable.
Following Associated UK Government guidance.
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