With horticulture Rescaype®️ has shown some amazing results. This is due to its superior 'Chemistry/Mineral-Bridging', properties,  a process where vital nutrients and moisture are stored and fed to the plant's xylem roots as they call for them.

In pots and for soil transplants, Rescaype®️ brings security in strengthening plant's roots, reducing shock and making the new soil even more accepting to the roots.


For grass and turf, Rescaype®️ is proven for both seed growing and transplanting.


Water Absorption

In the image you can see a closed-pot, water-absorption, experiment where after eight weeks growth, Rescaype on the right absorbs water 25x quicker than the untreated soil in the pot on the left.

This translates into faster growing plants with bigger roots which hold more water than the untreated soil plants.

Screenshot 2019-08-18 at 11.50.11.png
Treated soil
Untreated soil

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These videos will give you an idea at how well Rescaype assists flowers to become large and beautiful, using 100% of the water and nutrients given them by nature.

Simple Process
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