Director- Christian Murray receives Audience winner award at FLOODEX 2020 Future Water Association innovation competition.


The founders of the company  launched Rescaype UK Ltd. after a lengthy development period 2015-2018.

Today we are the only company in England solely focused on soil health and reduction of Diffuse Pollution in Agriculture and Horticulture, evangelising soil security.

The company's principals have a deep technology background and are now engaging with social based, public-good approach to programs, proudly sponsoring the Sustainable Soils Alliance and participating in the DEFRA consultation on the new ELM scheme.

This for the future of centralised soil communications in England and Wales.


The technology is based on an established concept with over 70 years of global research and recent applications showing consistent positive growth of crops and increased yields.​

We are exploring development with both AHDB and NIAB, with trials for innovative applications.

We are involved with SEFLOS program Soil Studies at Bangor University.

We engage with leading partners in crop growing and those who show willingness to explore soil improvement.

We have multiple trials underway in England.


  • Our mission is to resolve pollution in oceans and surface waters, whilst stopping soil erosion.

  • To reduce Diffuse Pollution 50% in UK by 2030

  • To offer compliance  knowledge transfer support to struggling land owner/managers.

  • To increase soil security for all; land owners, managers and all other growers, small or large.

  • Help reduce resources and prevent damage during flooding.

  • To act impartially based on science and holistic principles together.

  • To work in cooperation with others to continue the movement of eco-sustainability.

We evangelise a new AI-visual software platform for farmers, ONESOIL.AI

The online portal and mobile app helps with field boundaries and plant health analysis through satellite and aerial imagery. It helps farmers understand their crops in a new perspective, the platform is constantly under improvement as new data is added by farmers and organisations.

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