We are presently conducting a series of independent and assisted trials of Rescaype®.  Enacted across different types of soils in the UK, we aim to prove the product actions in support of other trials already completed and underway around the world. 

UK – Client Trials 

Apple Tree Yearlings – Field – Positive growth

Apple Tree Plantings – 3-year efficacy field trial

Carrots Non-irrigated +26%

Lettuce – Pots + increased roots

Iceberg Lettuce – Field – larger yield by volume.

Potato – Irrigated +33%

Potato –- Non-irrigated +27%

Raspberry – Pots – Polytunnel +Positive growth

Golf Course – Surface application +Moisture increase

Other trials with Coir/Perlite in Strawberry and Blueberry.


AHDB/BCGA/NIAB – Carrot Agronomy Trial 2019


Installation May 2019

The BCGA (British Carrot Growers Association) agronomy trial is an annual event, which allows major seed suppliers to show their wares to the buyers through a controlled trial using individual plots. Funded in part by the AHDB administered by NIAB, who invited us to participate.

We had  two plots: one with Rescaype® treated soil and the other a control plot.

We treated the soil in May with the equivalent of 8kg/ha and it was drilled at medium depth by NIAB the same day.  

The seed was a NAIROBI, supplied by Elsoms Ltd.


We harvested at the Open Day on October 3rd. 

We visited in July and August where we witnessed a consistent increase in productivity of the plants in treated soil versus the control. Good canopy growth with stronger tilth and thicker stocks.

Carrot Harvest October 3 2019

We attended the open day (images below). 


We had a booth in the marquee to present our brand and our carrots.

We followed the lead of other growers with the style of laying out of our Carrots in the field. 

It was clear when digging that Rescaype® treated soil was offering bigger Carrots.

Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 11.58.50.png
Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 11.59.09.png

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HARVEST 360 image. Click mouse on image and move L or R to pan around.

Gallery of the Event




We cleaned and graded the carrots into four categories:

  • Consumer

  • Processing

  • Wonky

  • Smalls and cracked/broken

We then separated and kept only the best processing and consumer from each plot, though it is noted small, wonky and broken are seen in the local supermarkets of Britain.

We laid the select carrots out in a standard packing crate then weighed them up to produce the final number of a packing weight vs total plot ratio.

It is clear that Rescaype-treated soil can offer bigger carrots or earlier harvests with appropriate drilling changes, to adapt for larger carrots evenly within a plot.

Our yield increase is 26% based on packing weight


Carrots Aug 6 2019



Unfortunately it rained preceding sampling so no measurements of valid recognition.

However from the early cycle we can see distinctive differences in emergence and weight measurements with treated soil producing better than untreated soil.


Treated Soil 

Moisture +7 pH 6

Untreated Soil 

Moisture  6  pH 6.75


ROYALS - Processing Potato - Independant Trial 2019


We used an ATV with spin hopper for distribution across 1ha for irrigated trial. At about 9kg/ha with 20kg gypsum.

The  field was tilled and then planted about two weeks later.

At an early cycle sample we saw a positive increase in productivity

HARVEST September 26 2019

We went onto the fields of both irrigated and non-irrigated plants.

For the irrigated treated soil we noted an increase in +65mm tubers vs the untreated soil samples which had a larger count of 45mm.

The ratio was slightly lower for the non-irrigated treated soil samples.

Similar to our carrots trial we see an increase in growth from planting through harvesting.

Sample data was recorded as the farmer usually does for sampling.

The farmer weighed up as he would normally for samples.

We determined that an increase in yield of 33% was achieved from the irrigated treated soil as compared to control.

We also determined a positive increase of 27% for the non-irrigated, treated soil versus the control.

Early Cycle  July 4 2019

In this early cycle sample we see a thicker stock and increase in tilth of the canopy of the plants. 

Upon cleaning and weighing samples we witnessed a distinctive difference in size of tubers from treated soil.

Treated Soil

Moisture +10 pH 5.25

Untreated Soil

Moisture 8  pH 6.2

UK Early Cycle Root Crop Samples, August 2019

This video covers different field application techniques.

Hand spreader, ATV, Tractor.

Showing early-cycle samples.

Pots and Ffield Trials 2017-2019

This video reviews differentiation of Coir/Perlite installation experiments. Also, other soil installations and pot trial results.


– Sardinia, 2017

This application was undertaken in 2017 where water restrictions were in place and the crop had to rely on natural rainfall, which was very low for the season. A positive result shown, with at least 50% visual increase in yield.

Trials Presentation

Greenhouse, Italy 2017

Tests across tomatoes, cucumbers and breadfruit. All products returned increases in both number of products and yield volume.

Increased yields across variety of leaf produce.

Other Trials

Other trials and tests have been conducted over the past years. Please contact us if you would like to review further reports.

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