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In agriculture the use of Rescaype®️ is beneficial across all soils in the UK.

It helps land managers meet DPIA 2019 compliance. It will assist with higher claims through the ELMS Program as it will improve soil retention  of carbon. Contributing to the 'Net-zero' goals.

In the UK we have a large loss of nitrate and sulphate fertiliser which pollutes surface water and in some cases down to the ground basin supply. 

Rescaype®️ works well as it helps retain the smaller soil particles which, in turn, has a resultant reduction in soil loss due to either flooding or too much irrigation and staggered irrigation with long, dry periods.

This is supported by its chemistry-bridging activity which allows Rescaype®️ to retain the vital nutrients in the soil until the plant Xylem root calls for it.

Benefits witnessed against root crops and multiple salad vegetables.

  • Increased germination speed for seed plantings and bigger roots.

  • Bigger plants, increased yield.

  • Reduced irrigation if you desire. Plants actually absorb water and nutrients better through 'Mineral Bridging' ability of Rescaype®️.

  • Desalination is effectively carried out when Rescaype®️ is used alongside gypsum.

  • Increasing water security through reducing soil run-off and fertiliser leaching, tail water run-off is clear.


Each crop and soil environment is considered before recommending the amount of Rescaype®️. 


Rescaype®️ comes in different sized powders and it is water-soluble for boom spraying applications.

You can apply the powder using various spreaders then plough/till and follow with irrigation, then you are all set to plant.

For winter you can apply on soil surface and irrigate, and it will form a thin protective layer that will help prevent blow-off of your valuable topsoil.

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 Rescaype®️ brings multiple benefits with its powerful actions in water and nutrient retention.

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