Rescaype is a unique soil flocculant,

superior at securing nutrients and moisture in

 the soil, saving money and the environment.

Our sole purpose is to promote soil sustainability through the distribution of

Rescaype, m-PAM a micronised, biodegradable, water-soluble polymer for soil amelioration/conditioning, in both agricultural and horticultural applications.

Our goal is to reduce harmful soil erosion and nutrients run-off (Diffuse Pollution)whether

you are a corporate owner, large crop producer, county greens commission, we work directly with agencies and end users to achieve reductions in Denitrification and Eutrophication.

2nd PLACE 

Soil Security - Water-logging & Flood Alleviation
Soil Security - Drought Mitigation

To preserve soil for the next generation we must embrace the changes initiated by UK,

EA, DEFRA and international organisations such as the UN. 

At Rescaype we help you reach compliance and experience the greater benefits of soil security with a single application of our new micronised polymer.

We secure your added organic matter and stabilise the soil so you SAVE WATER by 

reducing irrigation and have NITRATE-LOCKING reducing pollution. 

We meet the needs of both Diffuse Pollution Reduction (DPIA2019) and as a product for increased ELM's funding achievement.

Audience Winner Choice Award, the Future Water Associations, Water Dragons Competition at FLOODEX 2020
COV-ID 19 
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 DPIA - CCUK, Soil Compliance effectiveness


Richard A. Colorado



Jumbo onions are the most valuable and are larger than 3 1/2 inches in diameter.

Sample pull of 50 onions from each plot – the untreated plot yielded ten onions that were larger than 3 1/2 inches, very typical for directly seeded onions. The soil with Rescaype applied yielded 20 onions larger than 3 1/2 inches, doubling the standard plot. Based on an average 800 – 50# sack per acre yield and a price bonus of $.75/50# bag of jumbo onions compared to medium onions, the grower would see $160/acre increase in profit. 





Food Grade Quality

Increase yield whilst reducing irrigation and securing top soil

Multiple Benefits



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